The Purist

Purist Parkour is what we consider the practical movement of Parkour. This curriculum is taught at our outdoor classes in Shrewsbury, Manasquan, and Freehold. It focuses on movements such as running, jumping, climbing, quadrupedal movement, swinging, vaulting, falling, and rolling.

The Freerunner

Freerunning is considered more as a form of art and expression. This curriculum is currently being taught at Spartan Gymnastics in Ocean Township. The movements targeted here are centered around flipping, tumbling, trampoline, tricking, and flow.

Alpha  Company

Alpha Company is for new students ages 6-9 years old. In this program we’re focused on building coordination and safety techniques to guide athletes into the next stages of their training. 

Bravo Company

Bravo Company is for intermediate athletes ages 10-14 who have a base foundation of their abilities and are ready to start learning the more intricate movements of Parkour. 

Charlie Company

Charlie Company is for more advanced athletes ages 15-18 who are ready to begin developing skills that will push them into new heights of athleticism. 

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