Every month on your billing date we’ll refill your account with lessons as per your chosen plan. For example, if you chose a 2 lessons/week subscription plan, you’ll get 8 lessons automatically added every month.

You’ll be charged automatically using your saved payment method. You can always check or change your payment methods by contacting us at 732-687-0432

You can schedule any number of lessons per week, as long as you have available balance. To stay on track, schedule all your lessons before your plan renews. 

Note that 100% of total monthly lessons in your plan carry over to the next month automatically if you don’t schedule them before your plan renews. For example, if your plan is 8 lessons per month and you have 4 unscheduled lessons left at the end of the month, 4 lessons will be carried over automatically and you’ll be able to use them.

 Keep in mind that lessons will only be rolled over to the following month. For an 8 lesson/month plan, the max number of classes you can have on your account is 16. That means in order to not lose out on classes you should keep your account balance under 8 classes per billing cycle with this membership. 

You can cancel your plan before your next payment to stop automatic charges. Make sure to use all your lessons before your subscription ends to avoid losing your remaining balance.

Refunds will only be given if a request for termination is submitted by email to [email protected] prior to the charge date.

As a temporary option to cancelling your membership we allow you to place a hold on your contract once per billing cycle for up to 6 months.  If you choose to hold your membership you will still be eligible to use your previously purchased class passes once you resume your membership. 

In order to initiate a hold just reach out by text to 732-687-0432 or by email to [email protected] and make a request to initiate a hold. Note, all holds must have a start and an end date to begin. Just asking for a hold does not start one unless you submit dates as well. 

Inlet Parkour is regularly closed for a spring break, a summer break, and a winter break. Since we only expect to be open for 48 weeks out of the year, we only bill for 48 weeks out of the year. For example, our 1x/week membership supplies 4 classes a month for up to 12 months. 4×12=48. 

Family discounts are only applied to the 1x/week, 2x/week, and Full Enrollment pricing options. They are only applied to immediate family members under the age of 18 being paid for by the same parent/ legal guardian. 33% will be applied to the first member and 50% will be applied to each additional member after that. Membership discounts are always applied to the lower priced contract. 

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