Inlet Parkour Sign Up Form

The printable sign up form can be find by clicking the button. Fill it out completely and clearly and drop it in our mailbox at the gym.



Pricing Policy

Monthly contracts cannot be cancelled once they have been purchased, they will finish out the term of the contract until the point at which the contract expires. It is important to note that schedule changes happen regardless of alignment with contract. Every contract is billed on the 24th of every month in an attempt to line up with our quarterly sessions. If the current Billing cycle has passed the second week of the cycle you will be prorated for the current cycle and your contract will begin at the start of the next cycle. If the billing cycle has not passed the second week you will be billed for the current cycle and be extended an extra class as if it were a make up. Prorated packages are billed not for the day of purchase but for the beginning of the week of the purchase which is always the previous Sunday. Every individual person must purchase or have a package purchased for them. No one is permitted to share packages.

Make ups

Make up classes differ in each contract. You are allowed one make up class, per class, per month. (3 month contract x 2 classes a week = 6 make up classes). The make up classes can be used at any time throughout your contract and up to two weeks after it ends. You have 2 weeks following your missed class to make up your class. You must contact the gym to let us know that you will be missing your class otherwise we will not know to extend you a makeup class. If your class gets fully booked and you are denied access the same rules apply for the make ups. It is your responsibility to book your classes ahead of time to ensure that you secure your spot. If you have trouble booking your classes yourself an Inlet Parkour staff member can assist you in booking your classes. If the gym closes down for any reason and you have a booked class present on the schedule you will automatically be given the make up classes. If you are not booked on the schedule you will need to contact Inlet Parkour in order to receive your make up class.


Discounts will be applied when signing up multiple legal dependents. For the second legal dependent the discount is 33%. For every legal dependent after that it is 50%. These discounts only apply to contracts not our normal class packs. Discounts are always applied to the package with the lower cost regardless of the order in which the packages are purchased.