Schedule for Spring 2022
Web Designer 50%

Survey outdoor and team programs to change times to 5pm and 6pm for rec and team respectively. If yes progress with that schedule. If no continue on current schedule for the time being. 

Inlet Parkour Cirriculum

Following the Parkour Road Map by Max Henry we are trying to build a minimum 30 week course for Bravo and Charlie Company. 15 weeks for Bravo, 15 Weeks for Charlie. The goal is to connect the teachings of his book to a physical representation as well as a mental one. Feel free to connect videos from the book to the outline. Part of the project is to create a detailed schedule of the skill to learn that day and ways to master and progress it. 

In the future this cirriculum may need to be changed, however we shouldn’t delete it altogether without a replacement. Feel free to make your own and submit ideas. 

Minecraft Server

50+ server with mods

Necessary Hardware— 3.6Ghz Processer, 32Gb Ram, Liquid Cooling system, 1Tb Storage SSD 1Tb HHD. 


New Location in Freehold

Identify area, secure a realtor, find a location, get price within price range, hire a lawyer, arrange lease contract sign lease, move in, organize signage, set up grand opening event.

Community Organization

Run Jams, Host Events, Manage a Facebook Messenger Group, Have regular training sessions, Market Parkour Freely.

Hire Sales and Project Admin
Web Designer 0%
Promote trials on Mindbody
Web Designer 25%
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