for the elite athlete

Want to go fast? Go alone. Want to go far? Go together.

What is Team?

Even though Parkour is not required to be a group activity it has since the dawn of its creation had "teams". The reason for teams is to provide accountability to training and to ensure that there are others to help you move forward in your progression. Team is a sanctuary where the most dedicated athletes can progress in an environment that nurtures their skills.

How do I join Team?

Joining team is not easy and maintaining your spot will be just as hard. Things that we look at for team is where are your priorities, what is your work ethic, and how do you bring value to the rest of the group. Most students go through the rec program first, however there have been athletes who have proved their value within a small evaluation period. Joining team requires an assessment from the whole team and coaches. There are no tryouts. Only Invitations.

What can I do to increase my chances of getting on team?

Strength training, flexibility, show up to classes consistently, train on your own, watch the professionals and study their technique, and most importantly you must be willing to overcome your fears. In Parkour there is a key philosophy that we believe in. That is "be strong to be useful." This means mentally and physically. The one thing that all team students have in common is that they are capable of training independently.

How is team different from rec?

Rec is where you begin your training. From learning safety, basic skills, and the ethics of parkour and it's philosophy. Team students come into team knowing all of these things. Parkour is so much more than just jumping on things. It's about building strong minds. Weakness has never been seen associated with virtue. And team is meant to be a place of virtue.