Être Fort: To Be Strong

 Whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional the philosophy of Parkour begins with creating strength. 

Être Utile: To Be Useful

As a discipline designed to help others, being useful is integral to Parkour training. In this section of Parkour philosophy, we dive into how this training can be useful to you and to others. 

Être et Durer: To Endure

The moment we stop growing is the day we begin dying. To endure is to nurture and take care of your mind, body, and spirit for the duration of your lifetime. 

Leave No Trace

In Parkour the world is our training grounds. Every stair, building, curb, and wall is an opportunity for challenge and growth. To leave no trace is to respect what is yours, and to respect those who offer the privilege of using their space. 


Above is our ranking progression for our students. Most youth students will begin their training in either Zulu or Alpha and progress their way forwards to Delta company, where upon completion, they will choose the path they wish to continue in their training. If you notice each group has a subsection of numbers that follows after their Company rank. The first number, representing their group within their company. 2-1 is the lower half, 1-1 is the upper half, and 1-6 is the company captain.                 Coaches as individuals do not have a group and so their numbers always begin with a 0. 0-6 is the Head coach for that company and 0-5 would be the assistant coach. 

What is Discipline? Most of the time Parkour is seen as similar to gymnastics because of the style of its movements. However, in its practice and its teachings, Parkour is much more similar to martial arts. The founding Parkour team known as the Yamakazi laid the foundation for these principles. They had rules for the way they trained. For example, no one was permitted to be late to their training sessions as it put a delay on the rest of the group. At the highest levels they would endure hard training sessions and spend nights sleeping on hard floors in the freezing cold to train their bodies and mind to be prepared for any hardships. Although they were held accountable for their training by their teammates, no one was forced to participate. This discipline was a choice they had to make for themselves. Progression through the ranks is a direct result of the choices our students make for themselves in their training. When a student progresses, it is not only the choices of the coach to move them forward, but also that of the students themselves and what conditions they’re willing to accept. 

Why have teams? Parkour has always been about what you can do for others. Its teachings were originally the creation of Raymond Belle which he passed down to his son, David. In this way parkour has always been about sharing knowledge. Our teams structure allows our students to partake in this tradition of giving. The lower companies are encouraged to ask the higher companies for assistance when they are in need. Our higher companies are encouraged to take on leadership roles and pass on the discipline they learn to the lower companies. 

Adults start at Delta 4-1 and work their way into the Delta 1-1 program. 

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