We Enjoy the Most out of the things we do well.

Why is it that we feel so stuck when learning a new task? Well at least for myself I know why. So here I share my experiences on three accounts. The part where I struggled, the part where I fought, and then where I persevere.

Since my childhood I have never really been good at anything when I first started out. During baseball I was overweight, slow, unathletic, and couldn’t hit far. With Guitar my dog would leave the room every time I played because I would strum the strings so loudly and play the notes so harshly. Through Parkour I spent my first 2 years of training in the gym because I couldn’t get myself to leave the comfort of the mats. And now that I am running Inlet Parkour, I feel all the same struggles as I did with everything else.

Two years in and my doubts are at an all time high. The start of it all feels so slow and sometimes I feel stuck. I hear amazing advice coming from those who have been in my position and while I am physically capable of moving forward, mentally I just keep myself standing here.

However, while I sit here typing. Feeling as if I’m stuck. I can’t help but to notice that here isn’t where I always was. Compared to having $900 in my bank account, $9000 in car/ student loans, and rent of $1000 being due on the first of the month back in 2018, here doesn’t feel as constricting.

But this room to breath that I have created came at a cost. I’ve put everything I have into this business. I sacrificed so much to get here. And every day it still feels like a fight. The hard part being, that I don’t enjoy the fighting. Two years in and just like everything else I tried at I can see progress, but still not good enough.

It’s 2020 now, and I have been playing guitar for 6 years at this point. There are many who are far better than I, but I find the pieces I create so beautiful. I am 6 years into Parkour and there are many who are far better than I, but I find the challenges I overcame so inspiring to keep honing my craft. I am 2 years into running my business and there are many who are far better than I… and right where I am I feel so stuck.

I did not enjoy the process of Guitar when I started. My fingers were raw, the progression was slow, and I was never satisfied with the sound. I did not enjoy the process of Parkour when I started. I fell on my face, I cowered from challenges, and I was never satisfied with my skill. But as the years passed I became better at what I was doing and I began enjoying what I was practicing regardless of the difficulty. Because not only did I become good at creating a beautiful sound, or conquering a daunting challenge, but I became good at the process of overcoming difficult situations.

So at 2 years into running my business I may not be that good at it. But at 6 years I know I will not be afraid to push through these mental challenges. Right now I may not be good at it, but I will become good at it through consistency and discipline. Once that happens I will begin to enjoy the thing that has caused me to struggle again, and forced me to fight for my goals.

I will persevere.

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