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Inlet Parkour teams are of the most intensive and in depth training we have to offer. In these programs we not only teach the physical skills of parkour. We build on teaching mental confidence, philosophy, and the Discipline’s behind Parkour.


'The Philosophy behind parkour is an integral part of the discipline and in no way should it be compromised. The most important aspect of parkour is not in it's physical movements, but in the mentality and understanding of it's principles.'

  1.  Leave No Trace.
  2.  Serious Physical Injury is a Deviation from true Parkour. There is a responsibility that you must respect and uphold both for your own health and physical well-being and for the discipline of Parkour.
  3.  We must put ourselves through challenges that force us to find the physical and mental strength to succeed.
  4.  No one in the group is permitted to be late for training as it would hold back the rest of the group.
  5. No one is allowed to complain or be negative. Every traceur is to encourage the others and show confidence through their behavior.
  6.  No excuses are allowed, only valid reasons.
  7. A movement executed only once is not an achievement. Only with repetition is the challenge complete.
  8. Humility. No traceur is allowed to feel superior over another. Lying also violates the principle of humility.


Every 3 month's tryout's for team are held. If you would like to qualify for team's in between the tryout period you can schedule a private lesson to be evaluated on placement.


Team Members will have the opportunity to partake in our Freerunning classes where they will learn creative skills as a means to express themselves through movement.


Team members will receive invites to jams, competitions, workshops, other events, and outdoor training sessions. These events are great opportunities for student's to get in depth experience from world class athletes as well as increase their network for those looking to make a career out of Parkour.

We host five jams here in Manasquan every year as well as attend events in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington D.C. Our network includes people in careers ranging from professional teams, gym ownership, marketing, coaching, film, stunt work, performances, and photography/ cinematography.