The full 8.30.21 update

I will break these down in sections since this is a very big update, so be sure to refer back to this page whenever you click away from it.

Schedule/ Locations

We will be taking classes out to Michael J. Tighe park located in freehold (6 minutes away from the gym). Classes will also be hosted at Sickles Park in Little Silver a few days a week. As well as the community session which is updated on Facebook weekly.

Preparing for outdoors and what to expect

This page should answer your questions about how to prepare for the new change in environment. What to expect in the rain/ colder weather, and will also outline why it is important to train in these conditions.

Pricing Update

Youth Rec and Team pricing options have remained the same, Private Lesson and the Adult 10 pack option have changed. Open gym has been eliminated for obvious reasons. However, ask Dillon about the Community Facebook Chat for other opportunities to get out and train. If you need to change your contract to adjust for the new schedule please call/text 732-687-0432 (Dillon).