Update 8.15.21


We are moving out of the gym on August 15th. Don't worry everything is great with Inlet Parkour! We are actually in a better place than we ever have been and this is a positive next step in our growth. Moving out of this space was always the plan from the beginning, and so this is the best option to ensure Inlet Parkour stays on track with it's goals.

We are going to be adapting the business model of the movement creative and begin classes outdoors as parkour was meant to be trained. I will be looking for an indoor space as well as the weather gets colder.


After some thinking I have come to the conclusion that this is our best option, to adopt the business model of the Movement Creative (for the time being), and although I don't want take up this already long message with more writing with the full story, feel free to ask me about the next step for Inlet Parkour and where we are headed. It's very exciting!

I am currently working on a new schedule that will take place starting on August 16th outdoors (I will have it out sometime this week along with training locations and how to prepare yourself to train parkour outdoors the way it was meant to be done). I will create a dedicated page to the schedule and locations as well as reach out to everyone currently on contract to explain how they can use their classes and answer any questions you have about the transition.


To everyone who hasn't been with me for a while and don't yet know why this is actually very normal for us. I keep this program adaptable to change. I always make sure that this program is strong, capable, and that it is honest with what it can handle. Most importantly it is not afraid to get it's hands dirty and work hard. It never quits. It doesn't get discouraged. And it always perseveres. This is how I run my program, and this is how I train your children.

I wouldn't accept anything less from myself other than to provide all of you with the best program there is. If however, you decide that this kind of change is too much for you or your children to continue with the program for any reason. Let me know, and I will be flexible and understanding with whatever you need.