How to Make it into Alpha Company?

In order to better explain this I should first outline the structure of the team program. There are five companies that make up the Inlet Parkour Team. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo. Of these five companies only three are currently active. These are Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. Within each company above Alpha there is a higher ranking Captain within the Company. And above all Captains and Company members is the Commander.

Entry into all levels is based on an evaluation with the evaluation for Alpha being the most simple. Entry into Alpha is decided by the Commander. The things they are looking for is coordination, safety technique, and that the student genuinely wants to be there. With that said there are also, of no coincidence, five traits that he is looking for. Wisdom, Sincerity, Benevolence, Courage, and Strictness. A student showing 1/5 of these traits is highly likely to make it into Alpha Company.

When a student claims their spot on a company it doesn’t mean that it is theirs forever. These are not levels that you obtain because of a certain skill you achieved. The spot needs to be earned every week when you show up. If you don’t show up and earn your spot every week you will lose it. If you come in and out earn your spot every week you are more likely to be promoted to a higher company.

Team is a Restricted Program to ensure that the students involved are serious about their training and create an environment with other students who will motivate each other to be the best they can be. The Commanders goal within the Rec Program is to bring new students up to speed on coordination, safety technique, and skill. Then they will decide if the new student is capable of supporting their teammates or if they will be a hinderance on their training.

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