Trial Classes, New Students, New to Parkour, How do I sign up? What programs are offered? 

Step 1: Find the right program for you


Team is a full time program that requires commitment from students and parents. It is without a doubt our most effective training program and is available to students ages 8-18.


Rec is a Part time program that offers flexibility at a reasonable price. You can come in and train during our class times with other Rec students. No commitment required you can come and drop in on any active open class within your age group or pick one of our available time slots to start your own group. Rec Classes Start at age 5 and have no limit.


The Community is a collective of all parkour athletes in the world. It's not necessarily just run by Inlet Parkour. We just lead our Community here in Monmouth County. It's our Job to keep you informed on what's going on in other communities in the world that we've networked with. You can find events on our Missions page as well as Join our Discord Server and Facebook Page. This program is free because we believe parkour should be accessible to everybody. If you are looking for guidance on how to get started just reach out in discord. Or if you need face to face time you can always a hire a coach for a private lesson.

step 2: Get in touch with us

Give us a call, drop an email, or send a text.

step 3: Sign up and attend your first class or jam

Click the Sign Up/ Log in Button at the top right of the menu. If you're signing up for your child use their information and put yourself as the emergency contact.