how did we get here?

Before gyms, coaches, and parks there were only your training buddies and trial and error. When all else fails the community never does. Since the 1970’s beginning in Lisses, France this has been the preferred training method of parkour athletes. This training method is valuable to those willing to put in the effort to network, travel, and hold themselves accountable to achieve their goals.


how to get started

Inlet Parkour is here to offer you as many opportunities as possible to get out and train. We attend Jams and competitions near and far. Because of this we have access to networks of Parkour Communities all over the world.

Join our Community's Weekly Parkour Sessions

Cant find a training buddy?

Hire an Experienced Coach for a Private Lesson to show you where to begin and how to train on your own. You can even go to one of our local spots and try to achieve one of the challenges we post regularly on social media.

Hire a Coach for a Private Lesson