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In August of 2019, TD bank asked me if they could shoot a commercial starring my gym. When they said they needed influencers in the community I told them I knew the perfect guy for the job. They said they had already found someone. I said hang on, I know it's a long shot but let me just see if I can get a hold of this guy. And that's how World Renowned Free Runner Jesse La Flair got flown out from California for the day to come and train with us. It was sick!

Every year the Movement Creative hosts one of the biggest Parkour events in New York City on the rooftop of New Design High School. This year I had the opportunity to extend this invite to my students. To say the least, they crushed it.

To be honest we keep things pretty chill here in Manasquan. Our training days are usually long (about 8 hours). We spend our time dialing in our challenges and taking the necessary steps to preserve our technique and our bodies. We carve out time to hit up multiple spots, and of course, catch the occasional sunset at the Inlet. But all that doesn't mean that when guests come to town for our Jams we don't throw down as hard as we can. After all, we do have a reputation to uphold.